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I have to admit, when I hear the term “cooking with children” I immediately think of nothing but kitchen chaos. Flour in your hair, milk splashing off the counter, you get the picture. But if your child has expressed an interest in cooking or baking (and even if they haven’t), cooking a recipe together can be a fun activity to share with your child, even if it involves a little messiness . In the subscription boxes selected below, you’ll not only create a delicious meal or bake a delicious cookie, but you might also learn about your recipe’s country of origin, try a STEM activity, or learn a new cooking technique. Preparing or baking a delicious meal with your child is not only a great activity, but when your child helps you cook, they also learn independence and teamwork. Kind of child’s play, right?

Each of these subscription box companies offer one-time purchases or the option to sign up for multi-month subscription plans if you end up wanting to try more than one. And who knows, you might be nurturing the talents of a future culinary genius!

Ready to cook?

radish kids

Featuring Raddish Kids, the all-ages cookery club, the monthly themed box includes three recipe guides and culinary skills lessons, a grocery list, a quality kitchen tool, a creative kitchen project, a colorful apron patch, and four tabletop conversation cards (perfect for starting a conversation around around the dining table). I also love the free “bonus bites” you can find on the site (this month includes an extra Honey Lime Fruit Salad recipe and a spring picnic music playlist).


The best cooking subscription boxes for kids

Baketivity is a personal favorite in my house as my younger daughter has a big sweet tooth and loves to bake. Each month’s kit comes with detailed, kid-friendly instructions and all the ingredients you need to make a delicious dessert (past times included chocolate chip cookies and red velvet heart cupcakes), excluding perishables like butter and eggs. And yes, an apron and a pretty cool chef’s hat are included in each set.


The best cooking subscription boxes for kids

Under the motto “Explore the world in your kitchen”, eat2explore invites families to cook together and at the same time get to know a new country and culture. Either subscribe to the country box featured monthly (this month is Greece) or combine them to create your own pack of countries around the world. In each box you will receive 3 recipe cards, a shopping list, essential condiments, sauces or grain mixes, an explorer’s guide to tell you about the country, educational activity sheets, fun cooking supplies and a ‘passport’ and stickers to mark your travels around the world – from your kitchen. You also have the option to have your box gluten-free or vegetarian, which is a cool feature.


The best cooking subscription boxes for kids

Inside each Foodstir kit you will find three delicious recipes and a shopping list, a quality cooking tool, a copy of Foodie Fun Magazine, a Wordstir family game and more. Foodstir’s mission is to bring families together through food, and I love that their recipes are chosen with picky eaters in mind (we all know a few!). I also like that you can see exactly what you’re getting up front in this month’s video on their website.

Small sous

The best cooking subscription boxes for kids

In every Little Sous subscription box, you’ll receive a quality, kid-friendly kitchen tool, a step-by-step cooking lesson designed to teach useful techniques kids can carry with them, recipe cards to collect, and hands-on. on activities designed to make cooking techniques and nutrition science fun. Little Sous Kits are designed for children aged 5+. Younger children will work more with an adult, while children as young as 7 or 8 years old can complete most lessons/recipes on their own.

Harlow’s Harvest

The best cooking subscription boxes for kids

Developed by the Founder and CEO of Farmbox Direct and her 7-year-old daughter, Harlow’s Harvest is a monthly cooking set for children aged 4-15. With a focus on STEM and nutrition education, with each set you’ll receive three laminated recipes, a monthly science project, a unique kitchen tool, household grocery shopping tips, and a monthly collector’s pin for your apron (also available upon registration).

Small GF chefs

The best cooking subscription boxes for kids

Gluten free kids, this is for you! Little GF Chefs makes delicious baking kits that are gluten-free, contain no artificial colors, and are free of common food allergens like nuts, soy, eggs, and dairy. Offering subscription and one-time kits, recipes include delicious soft pretzel bites, unicorn donuts, and pizza recipes, among others.

Young Chefs Club

The best cooking subscription boxes for kids

Young Chef’s Club is brought to you by the cooking experts at America’s Test Kitchen. Ideally from the age of 5, children receive a themed box every month with recipes tested by children, practical activities and experiments. I love her “Make It Your Way!” Recipe cooking challenge that encourages children’s natural creativity, and as a subscriber you also have access to America’s Test Kitchen digital library of family-friendly recipes, activities, videos and other educational resources. There you will find the shopping list for each month so you have all the ingredients on hand when your box arrives.

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