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When the 2022 general election was called three weeks ago, at The Conversation we decided to let our readers, not politicians, decide our nation’s most important issues.

We reached out to you on social media, in our newsletter and on The Conversation’s website, asking you to share what would influence your vote ahead of the election. And now we have the results.

An incredible 10,000 people took part in our #SetTheAgenda poll. If you were one of these readers, thank you for sharing your views with us.

number one on the agenda

Climate change was overwhelmingly the number one issue on our readers’ agenda. In fact, more than 60% of you have chosen it as one of the issues having the biggest impact on your life right now.

Climate change, renewable energy and emissions reduction also featured prominently in responses to the question “What should candidates talk about when competing for votes?”.


Respondents could select up to three topics that are close to their hearts. The second most common answers after climate change (62.3%) were: environment (28.4%), cost of living (19.9%), misinformation (19.3%) and housing (14%).

The 10 Best Answers to Question 1 of the Set The Agenda Poll: Which issue is having the biggest impact on your life right now?

Rounding out the top ten concerns were elderly care, health, mental health, education and COVID-19. Gender equity (7.6%) and First Nations representation (7.3%) also ranked just outside the top ten.

It was also interesting that when asked what candidates should talk about, more than 10% of respondents mentioned ICAC, integrity or corruption. Almost 10% of respondents did not know who they would vote for. The majority of respondents (59.6%) were women.

Thank you for your opinion

We were blown away by the thoughtfulness and passion expressed in the responses when we asked “What do you want the candidates to talk about when they’re competing for votes?”.

Here are just some of the things they had to say:

Restoring the Integrity of the Federal Government – Designing and Implementing a Federal ICAC with Teeth. The reduction of political donations and thereby the restoration of democracy. Towards a renewable economy – with a clear policy and commitment to ensure long-term investment and behavioral change from every Australian. The importance of equality in a healthy and friendly society.

A discussion of how they will address the above issues, but with an emphasis on First Nations voices and representation in this policy.

Sensible climate protection measures with adaptation measures for workers who are most affected by the necessary transition. Uluru Statement from the Heart, First Nations voice in the Constitution. Work for peace, don’t spend on war.

How will they help voters, not big business?

How to lower house prices and improve housing quality, how to ensure wage growth and prosperity so Millennials and Gen Z are not left behind.

POLITICS! POLITICS! POLITICS!! Quit personality distractions – address the lack of resources in higher education; Tackling poverty, social housing, inequities in the funding of education, climate change – with clearly positive action… shall I continue?

Guidelines for elderly care and help for small businesses.

What now?

We’ll be looking at the 10,000 responses we received to the #SetTheAgenda poll to continue to inform and inform our election coverage in the coming weeks.

For example, one reader said he would like candidates to talk about “what they will do to act on climate change, how they will do it, and in what ​​time frame.”

In response to this reader and the many others who have written about their interest in the climate policies of our major parties, we have published this article.

Another way to provide readers with an opportunity for questions, discussion, and analysis ahead of the 2022 election is through in-person events with The Conversation’s Chief Political Correspondent, Michelle Grattan. Our event in Melbourne will also feature journalist and author Sean Kelly, and will be moderated by Amanda Dunn, Politics and Society Editor at The Conversation. I will join Michelle on stage at our event in Sydney.

So far, the 2022 election campaign has been characterized by a lack of political ideas and real debate. But regardless of whether the candidates address these important issues, we will.

And we will continue to provide you with evidence-based reporting and expert analysis on this election in a way that connects to your agenda.

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