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If there’s one thing that’s become clear since operations at Disney parks around the world have (mostly) returned to normal, it’s that guests from all over the world have missed out on their dose of Disney magic.

Given the crowds and visitor numbers in most places, many visitors have noticed the crowded, sometimes overwhelming nature of a Disney park, and it appears that one theme park will be looking to reduce its visitor limit over the next few years.

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The Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan was the first Disney-themed amusement park to open outside the United States. Following the success of Walt Disney’s first theme park, Disneyland Resort AKA The Happiest Place On Earth, and the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Central Florida, Oriental Land Company opened Tokyo Disneyland under a license agreement from The Walt Disney Company.

Tokyo Disneyland
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Later, Tokyo Disneyland would be joined by a second gate, Tokyo DisneySea, and the Ikspiari retail complex to become the Tokyo Disney Resort. To accommodate its visitors and maximize the guest experience, the resort has several official hotels including Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel and the brand new Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel. Neighboring hotels include Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel, Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort, and Hilton Tokyo Bay.

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All in all, the guest experience at Tokyo Disney Resort is of paramount importance to The Oriental Land Company and its associated Disney Parks.

The Oriental Land Company has communicated its goals for the next eight years in a recent publication. In two documents, one a medium-term plan and the other a longer-term plan, the company behind Tokyo Disney Resort outlines many plans for Disney Resort.

Mickey Mouse at Tokyo Disneyland
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In the group’s Plan 2024, they detail how they aim to build and evolve the guest experience at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Said:

The OLC Group will strive to provide a comfortable parking environment by lowering the daily attendance limit below pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels. In addition, Group 2 will adopt flexible measures to meet the diverse needs of guests and introduce decisive new measures to help guests find new experience values, increasing the value they gain from experiences.

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While capacity has been significantly reduced at most Disney parks, with locations like Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort using theme park reservation and park hopper systems to fight crowds, it appears Tokyo Disney Resort is the attendance limits will continue to be lower than before. pandemic levels.

Regarding participation, The Oriental Land Company explains their aim to keep participation lower:

Reducing the maximum attendances per day from pre-pandemic levels will allow the OLC Group to continuously better control the use of the required resources and build an operational structure capable of responding to environmental changes.

very very minnie stage show tokyo
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Tokyo Disney Resort will also try to balance its current attendance:

… will also try to minimize the variation in visitor numbers throughout the year – ie across weekdays, public holidays, high season and low season – and increase the total annual visitor numbers. The number of visitors in the 2024 financial year is expected to reach around 26 million.

With the opening of Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs and the “remodeling of existing facilities,” the parks’ appeal aims to attract a “higher level” of guests and keep the park environment consistently comfortable with each visit.

Tokyo Disneyland
Photo credit: Tokyo Disneyland Resort

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As for longer-term goals, the company’s 2030 plan is driven by the need to bring more “happiness” to Tokyo Disney Resort and its wider neighborhood.

Guests visiting Tokyo Disney Resort can experience attractions at both Disney Park locations, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. The former takes on a classic Magic Kingdom vibe with a towering Cinderella Castle and rides like Adventureland’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain in Westernland, or Critter Country’s Splash Mountain. At DisneySea, guests can experience places like the Mediterranean Harbor and the American Waterfront.

Concept art for the new Space Mountain attraction at Tokyo Disneyland
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Tokyo Disney Resort recently announced the major transformation of Tomorrowland and the complete remodeling of the popular Space Mountain attraction.

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