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Environmental problems are serious and of increasing concern. These issues are often ignored and continue to aggravate. Researchers, scientists, advocates, entrepreneurs and companies need to recognize the problems around the world and take action to solve them in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. Check out these innovative solutions that respond to environmental issues:

Combating mosquito-borne diseases

Currently, mosquitoes kill about 1 million people a year. This number will only increase as climate change continues, as rising temperatures expand the range in which mosquitoes can survive. Israeli scientists and entrepreneurs have developed a number of sophisticated cures and are working to reduce the risks associated with mosquitoes. One of the most inventive methods was developed by the Papathanos Insect Genetics Lab at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They have used cutting-edge technology to genetically modify the Y chromosome of male malaria mosquitoes so that these mosquitoes only have male baby offspring that inherit the modified gene. Therefore, in the future there will be no more female mosquitoes that cause disease-carrying bites. This kind of innovative thinking has the potential to save countless lives.
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Protection of the Earth’s oceans

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

While some organisms need modification, other wildlife need protection. EcoOcean, a non-profit organization, educates school children about protecting the marine and coastal environment. The organization helps educate on how marine protected areas can be created to help fight single-use plastic pollution and maintain sustainable beaches. Part of their goal is to educate the public and decision makers about climate change. By leveraging data, organizations like EcoOcean make a huge contribution to effectively combating climate change through education.
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Strengthening global agriculture

SeeTree analyzes entire citrus orchards using drones and censors to prevent devastating diseases. Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

New sustainable solutions to combat environmental problems are constantly being developed. For example, the company SeeTree uses drones, sensors and machine learning to give farmers a better idea of ​​the health of their trees and their fruit yields. This technology also helps farmers protect their trees from diseases such as HLB or Huanglongbing, which are devastatingly impacting citrus trees and their fruits. While SeeTree was founded and operates from Tel Aviv, their innovation has spread to places like California and Brazil.
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You may be surprised to learn that so many of these environmental solutions come from Israel, a tiny country in the Middle East. Like so many countries around the world, Israel understands the reality that our global environment affects us all. This has inspired the Israelis to work on developing plans and developing technologies to solve environmental problems. They have been successful in their own country and continue to share their methods with other places facing similar problems. Israel is at the forefront of solutions to make our world a safer and more sustainable place to live.

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