There are many life lessons in the kitchen – Advice Eating

Are your kids or grandkids looking for activities to do this summer? Aside from being a fun project, encouraging kids to prepare and/or cook food can be a great opportunity to teach them life skills like cooking and food safety, nutrition/health tips, hygiene, and even math. It can also instill a sense of worth, accomplishment, and maturity in children as they enjoy the reward of eating the delicious end product. Over time, as their skills improve, they can even save you time when preparing food for the family.

Spending time in the kitchen isn’t just for older kids. Toddlers and preschoolers are usually very helpful. The level of assistance, tools/equipment used, and personal safety concerns depend on the child’s age, maturity, and previous kitchen experience. Younger, less experienced children will of course require supervision, but even with teenagers there can be no harm in the adult making sure that safety precautions are in place, particularly with regard to the use of knives and stove/oven.

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