“We were overjoyed to have won an Echo environmental award” – Advice Eating

Time is ticking not only to help our environment, but also to reward those in Liverpool fighting for the cause – nominations for the coveted Echo Environment Awards 2022 are just around the corner Wednesday May 11th.

The awards should not only recognize and reward – but inspire.

Whether it’s networking at night or your work being promoted by millions of Echo readers, these prestigious awards could mean you make even more of an impact.

Maybe it’s a new client or client who wants to do more for the environment, or it could be a budding eco-hero who takes your ideas to make a difference – either way, the Liverpool City area is ready to be in To follow in her footsteps, she just has to hear about it first.

Click here to enter now for the chance to meet with your fellow community members on June 1st at the Isla Gladstone Conservatory in Liverpool. For more information on the United Utilities sponsored special event headline, click here.

The younger generation is swapping TikTok and toys for committees and campaigns, individually, in groups and with their schools, and rightly deserves credit for it.

But it’s not just young people who are promoting greener living – businesses and organizations across the Liverpool City area are doing their part.

Let’s give them the recognition and thanks they deserve by nominating them today.

Victoria Corcoran and Craig Hailes were two of the eco champions we celebrated last year.

Pets Country Manor, a licensed five-star luxury feline hotel based in Tarbock Green, took home the Zero Waste Award for its inspirational commitment to a zero-waste business.

Collage of images: two people on video call and awards
Victoria and Craig were delighted to receive the award at the virtual ceremony

“We were over the moon to have won the Echo Environment Awards and to be honest we didn’t expect to win such an amazing award – we were stunned!

“We are delighted and so proud that Pets Country Manor and our team have been recognized for this and it is a great opportunity for us to update our customers and the general public on the steps our company has taken over the past few years has to lower our carbon footprint.

“It means so much to us personally and also on a business level to be recognized for all our investments and the changes our company continues to make to be greener has been amazing. We think that as the years go by it becomes more and more important to make an effort, to try a little bit each year and then build on that year after year.”

Since winning, the company has grown to offer more services like Pawsome Afternoon Tea and Kitty Tapas, and even won another award for its community work.

Cat in front of iPad with disc
Pawsome Afternoon Tea at The Pets Country Manor

If you want your local business owners to be as happy as Victoria and Craig, Take a look at the different categories and criteria below and sign up today.

Those who impress the judges and are shortlisted will receive two free tickets to the highly anticipated awards, with additional tickets available for £40 (+VAT).

The categories are:

New Green Company of the Year

This category is open to new companies that started trading after January 1, 2019 (operating less than two years).

If your company puts the environment or well-being at the heart of its operations, we want to hear from you! Judges look for evidence of innovation, investment in new technology, excellence in employee engagement and the company’s impact on the community and the environment.

Green Company of the Year

This award is aimed at companies that have been in existence for more than two years.

If your company puts the environment or well-being at the heart of its operations, we want to hear from you! Judges look for evidence of innovation, investment in new technology, excellence in employee engagement and the company’s impact on the community and the environment.

CSR price

This award recognizes companies that go above and beyond and show how they act responsibly towards the environment, community, employees and stakeholders. The judges will look for evidence of implemented projects and initiatives. If your business is helping to make a positive impact on the environment and the lives of others, let us know!

Healthy Life Award

This award recognizes projects that are aware of the environment and use it to improve the health and well-being of people in our community. Perhaps your project has encouraged healthy eating or introduced others to sport and exercise. Tell us about the work you do to promote a healthy environment, body and mind.

Community Impact Award

This award recognizes the collaboration of local communities. We want to hear about positive neighborhood improvement projects, from communities making the most of green space, from neighbors working together to make their neighborhoods a safer, healthier place to live.

Tell us about your community projects and how you’ve helped connect with those around you to make a difference where you live.

Green School of the Year

This award is given to any school in Merseyside that is actively and passionately committed to putting the principles of sustainability and healthy living into practice. We want to hear what your school has implemented to become healthy and green.

Perhaps your school has introduced an outdoor learning environment or a grow-your-own program, or perhaps students have started a project to work in the local community. Tell us all about what your school has implemented to become more environmentally conscious and create a healthy environment.

Environmental Youth Prize

This award is for a team or an individual young person aged 18 or younger. We want to hear from budding young environmentalists from across Merseyside who are getting involved in green projects or helping to promote healthy lifestyles.

We encourage nominations for young people to volunteer to inspire and raise awareness of environmental action through activities and clubs in their communities.

environmental champion

Sponsored by United Utilities

This award recognizes an individual or group that deserves recognition for their environmental work. You can be an unsung community hero, a business person, perhaps a special volunteer group. Regardless of their background or age, if you know someone who is a true inspiration to others, tell us about them.

The Circular Economy Award

Sponsored by the Merseyside Waste Authority in partnership with Veolia

This award is open to any organization adopting or developing a “Circular Economy” approach to the conduct of their organization or project. The winning entry of this award will demonstrate how it implements a circular approach to material flows and you should demonstrate the organization’s or project’s commitment to reducing carbon and tackling climate change through resource efficiency.

The focus will be on the social value created through the use of circular practices, for example: supporting biodiversity, reducing water use, using local suppliers, creating green jobs, providing education and training, collaborating with science.

  • Closing date for nominations is Wednesday, May 11th, followed by an event Wednesday, 1 June at the Isla Gladstone Conservatory, Liverpool.
  • To enter or book tickets, visit the official website.

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