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Learning to cook is an essential life skill. These free online cooking classes teach beginner cooks the fundamental techniques to prepare healthy, delicious, and budget-friendly meals.

Online recipe sites are not your friend if you are new to cooking. They require a certain basic skill that is of no use to newcomers to knives and flames. Instead, you need to start with online cooking classes and free cooking classes that teach you how to approach cooking and the basic techniques you need in the kitchen.

Chefs and online cooking channels often focus on taste and technique rather than the basic thing you need on a regular basis: healthy eating. Cooking healthy meals for yourself may seem like a challenge in a busy life, but this free course from Stanford University will show you how.

The four-week course takes a more holistic approach to cooking than just teaching the basic skills. The first week module focuses on laying the foundations for healthy cooking, teaching you the basic ingredients you should always have on hand, how to shop for and store vegetables, and how to use a principles-based approach to cooking rather than relying on recipes based. This last point is crucial and will instantly make you a better cook once you master it.

The next three modules are with home cook Maya Adam and professional chefs Israel Garcia and Jacopo Peni. All three have their nutritional philosophies that align with the larger goals of healthier, sustainable, and mindful eating.


2. Homemade (Web): Free Live Online Cooking Classes

Chef and cookbook author Joel Gamoran and his team want everyone to learn to cook, regardless of skill level. And they know that the best way to learn how to cook a dish is to cook with someone who knows how. That led to the birth of Homemade, which offers free live cooking classes where you can cook along.

Check the free course calendar for upcoming dishes you want to learn. Sign up for the event with your email address. Do this early; The free courses are often fully booked. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a list of ingredients and the recipe. Use this to prepare for the live cooking class, which usually lasts around an hour. Homemade recommends preparing and measuring the ingredients beforehand if possible.

You can leave your video camera on at the beginning of the lesson and participate just like in a virtual classroom. The chefs encourage interaction, which is a great help for beginning cooks to ask questions. If you enjoy the experience, consider the Homemade paid membership with access to all previous classes and recipes, as well as live classes in smaller groups.

Delia Smith has been helping novice cooks become confident chefs through cookbooks and workshops for years. Her step-by-step method for those who want to learn to cook is now available online for free at Delia Online Cooking School.

The course is divided into five sections, starting with cakes, through eggs, then pastries and flour-based products, on to bread and ending with rice and pasta. We recommend going through these in order, as mastering one will help you improve on the next. It’s excellent for beginners, as evidenced by online testimonials and the results of the Delia project, which took a Guardian reporter a year to go through her cookbook.

Another option is to use Delia’s How To Cook page. While not a guided cooking class, it’s an excellent resource for any basic techniques you might want to look up. From simple techniques like separating an egg to cooking pasta to perfection, Delia’s videos teach you all the basic cooking techniques in a practical way.

Cooking isn’t just about skill in the kitchen; It’s about understanding the nutritional requirements. A lot of online cooking classes don’t focus on this, so BBC Good Food’s guide tries to teach you what others don’t. It is a straightforward, self-paced course lasting five weeks, lasting approximately three hours per week.

You will learn the important concepts of nutrition, macronutrients and micronutrients and how to balance a meal. The course sticks to simple health benefits like the basics of 5 a day to increase vegetable consumption, reduce waste and reuse leftovers.

In addition to all this, you will also learn basic cooking skills and create five healthy recipes in the five weeks. Again, it’s all about creating recipes that meet your needs over the long term and in a sustainable way, using tricks like a combination of colors, flavors and spices so that you never get bored.

5. Home Cook Basics (Web): Learn the basics of cooking

Is Home Cook Basics (HCB) the best place on YouTube to learn how to cook? No it is not. But it’s one of the easiest channels for newbies to grasp the basics of cooking. While not presented as a course, the video series is a step-by-step build-up to help you become more comfortable in the kitchen.

I especially recommend starting with the Learn to Cook video above. It’s an excellent quick guide to why beginner cooks should avoid learning by copying recipes. Instead, it focuses on other essentials like practice, techniques, skills, spices, and food safety. Importantly, HCB also recommends starting with your favorite foods so that even if you make a few mistakes at first, you’ll be cooking something you enjoy.

The other videos on HCB cover the simplest of skills that an experienced cook will take for granted, but can be difficult for a beginner. For example, many of the videos focus on simple knife skills like slicing various vegetables and fruits. While it’s easy, it’s one of the most important things to becoming a good home cook. You can also find similar cooking channels on YouTube that provide valuable tips for beginners, such as Basics With Babish.

Look for local cooking classes to step up

These free online cooking classes are a great way to learn the basics of cooking. The key is to practice, practice, and practice again to master the basic skills and techniques. But once you want to learn more, don’t rush to recipe sites and channels.

One of the best ways to improve your basic cooking skills is to take a local cooking class. There you’ll see what you’re doing from an experienced chef, help you tweak and hone your techniques, and go from home cook to aspiring chef.

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