Mother’s Day Brunch: Make-Ahead French Toast Casserole – Advice Eating

There are two camps of Mother’s Day revelers: those who like nothing better than a sumptuous brunch/lunch/dinner at a restaurant, and those hoping for a cozy celebration enjoyed with a pair of fluffy slippers.

I wouldn’t be sad about either option, but if I woke up to the smell of French Toast Casserole (made by a member of my family other than me) baking in the oven, I’d be a happy mom indeed.

This french toast casserole is basically a layer, which is a layered dish of eggs, milk, and bread, plus whatever other flavorings you choose to spice it up with. Stratas can be sweet, topped with chopped dried fruit, nuts, chocolate or liquor, or savory, layered with cheese, ham, etc. This one is on the sweeter side and so much easier to make for a group than individual slices of French Toast.

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