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Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publisher announces the launch of our latest Gold Open Access journal Gen x Environment (GxE)an academic, peer-reviewed, open-access journal aiming to serve as a foundational resource for the burgeoning field of genes by environment.

This new journal will encompass all facets of gene-by-environment research, including essential peer-reviewed content pertaining to the genetic determinants of environmental risks, environmental epigenetics, expomics, chemical and non-chemical stressors and health outcomes, functional genomics of complex traits and molecular epidemiology focus, and more.

Led by Editor-in-Chief, Graham Parker PhDthe Department of Pediatrics, Wayne State University School of Medicine, the Center for Urban Responses to Environmental Stressors, Detroit, Michigan, and Editor-in-Chief of Stem Cells and Developmentand Executive Editor of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics, GxE aims to be a leading peer-reviewed journal publishing outstanding original research and perspectives in all facets of Gene x Environment research areas.

“This new peer-reviewed journal is critical because our understanding of our genome cannot successfully predict individual longevity and health outcomes,” he says dr Graham Parker. “To paraphrase Francis Collins,The genetics load the gun and the environment pulls the trigger.’ Understanding the etiology of diseases triggered by exposure to chemical and nonchemical stressors requires a multidisciplinary approach. This new journal will provide a much-needed home for global research, scattered across fields and health disciplines, to address the sources, mechanisms, outcomes and risk reduction associated with our lived experience.”

Researchers in the fields of epidemiology, epigenetics, genomics, genetics, exposure science, toxicology, biology, biomedical sciences, bioinformatics, translational medicine, chemistry and physics will target and contribute significantly to this new title.

GxE welcomes original research papers, reviews, perspectives, commentaries and short reports on all aspects of gene-by-environment research.

Topics Covered Gen x Environment contain:

  • Genetic determinants of environmental risks
  • environmental epigenetics
  • expomics
  • Chemical and non-chemical stressors and developmental health outcomes
  • Functional genomics of complex traits
  • Molecular Epidemiology
  • Social determinants of health
  • Genome-wide association studies, metabolomics and metabonomics
  • Varying susceptibility to environmental triggers
  • Development of screening tools for the Gene X environment
  • Gene X environment modeling
  • precision medicine

About the Editor-in-Chief: Graham Parker, PhD
I am honored to serve as the Integrative Health Science Facility Core Primary Investigator for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Core Center for Urban Responses to Environmental Stressors, CURES. This role has brought me eight years of experience advancing multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research and team building in response to environmental health concerns and funding opportunities. As a research faculty in the Department of Pediatrics at Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit MI, I have extensive experience developing in vitro models to test cell model exposure to caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. I’m also Editor-in-Chief of Stem Cells and Development, Executive Editor of Nucleic Acid Therapeuticsand ethical consultant for Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishers.

About the publisher
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