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Edmund Thomas Blank, family man, joker, hard worker, lover of cars of all kinds and friend to all, passed away on April 29, 2022.

Ed was born in Long Island, New York and later moved to Merrimack, NH where he grew up spending hours in the garage working on cars with his father, Bill Sr., and brothers Bill and Chris. As he got older, cars and racing became a big part of Eddie’s life. He enjoyed watching NASCAR with his family every Sunday and cheering for his favorite driver, Dale Earnhardt. Eddie was the middle child of three boys and enjoyed growing up with two best friends who were always close by to ride snowmobiles in the cold New England winters. Born into an Italian family, Eddie loved his mother Pam’s home cooking, especially her corn beef with cabbage and Italian broccoli. Aside from his immediate family, Ed grew up with his mother’s best friend, Mary, whom he considered his second mother. Mary remembers Ed riding his dirt bike around his neighborhood as a kid, always keeping an eye out for the safety of the other kids. There is no doubt that Eddie had a gentle and caring soul.

In 2001, Ed met his wife, Kathy, whom he affectionately called his “Small” and she called him in return “Wear”. Ed adored Kathy from the moment they met at a local jazz bar in Merrimack, NH. During their nearly 16-year marriage, Ed and Kathy were everything to each other. They made annual trips to York Beach, where they enjoyed playing skeeball and eating out. They looked forward to spending vacations in Laconia and Hampton with family and spent many nights at home, just the two of them, cooking Ed’s specialty, meatloaf.

Ed worked at Hollis Construction in Hudson, NH for 18 years where he took great pride in his work. His love of vehicles and mechanics was put to perfect use in his job. Ed’s work wasn’t easy work for him; it was a source of joy. The people he worked with at Hollis Construction were like family to him.

Ed loved everyone. If Ed spoke to anyone, even at the supermarket checkout, he was their friend when paying for their groceries. Some of his family and friends joke that Eddie was the one “ungrin” because his heart was two sizes too big. He was always honest and wore his heart on his sleeve, meaning no one ever had to guess what Ed was thinking. When he was happy he laughed and joked, and when he was annoyed he rolled an eye or two. Despite everything life throws at him, Ed has remained resilient, steadfast and unshakeable. His purity of heart and mind and his ability to maintain these qualities through the ups and downs of life were hallmarks of his character.

Family was everything to Ed and he loved his family with all his heart. You always knew he would be there for you. Ed’s ability to spread happiness and laughter expanded when he became an uncle to Tyler, Caden, Kaia, and later when Erin and Caroline became his bonus nieces. He loved children and loved making them smile. Ed once rolled through his brother Bill’s neighborhood in his dump truck and honked the horn so all the kids in the neighborhood could enjoy themselves. His gentle and caring soul and protective nature made him a wonderful uncle who was always jokingly teasing his nieces and nephews and enjoyed watching them grow through their own milestones.

It should not be forgotten how Eddie developed strong bonds with dogs throughout his life. He had his own dog Harley and loved his brother Berkley’s dog. He enjoyed playing with them and smuggling them table food when no one was looking. His family takes comfort in knowing that he can now be reunited with these two beloved dogs.

Ed was longtime loving husband to Katherine Rose Blank, beloved son of William J. Blank Sr. and Pamela Emma Blank (Persson), brother of William J. Blank Jr. and his wife Janis Blank, and family friend Christopher Blank and his wife Michele Blank by Mary Bearor (his 2nd mother) and husband Tom Bearor, uncles to Tyler, Caden, Kaia, Erin and Caroline, son-in-law to Joseph W. Schmitt and the late Diane Schmitt and brother-in-law to Karen Schmitt.

Friends and family are invited to join us in remembering Ed Blank on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 with visits from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. followed by a memorial service at 10:30 a.m. at the Dumont-Sullivan Funeral Home , 50 Ferry St Hudson, New Hampshire. A funeral service will follow immediately at Holy Cross Cemetery, Hudson, NH. To send a message of condolence online, please visit www.dumontsullivan.com. THE DUMONT-SULLIVAN FUNERAL HOME IN HUDSON HAS THE AUTHORITY TO GIVE THE ORDERS.

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