Shular Institute chefs bring cooking classes to Milwaukee students – Advice Eating

Kristine M. Kierzek

With his sights set on some of the most rigorous competitions in the culinary world, Daryl Shular combined his love of food and sport to literally reach the top of his game.

As a young chef, he became a member of the American Culinary Federation’s Olympic team. Participation in the International Culinary Art Exhibition meant being able to compete with chefs from around 60 nations.

Next, he set out to become a certified master chef. After completing the eight-day challenge in 2014, he became the first African American in the country to receive the designation of Certified Master Chef and was inducted into the African American Chefs Hall of Fame in 2017.

Taking on challenges and setting goals is something that Shular believes is a learned skill that he wants to pass on to the next generation of Milwaukee chefs.

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