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Moms know the best way to show love is through food — whether it’s sliced ​​fruit with your favorite dip, a bubbly casserole that’s as rich as it is comforting, or warm cookies fresh from the oven.

With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s our turn to show our moms how much we appreciate them: through food (and, okay, maybe a bottle of wine or champagne here and there).

Show your moms how much they mean to us with kid-friendly pancake mixes, a nice set of new condiments, a can of fancy salt and a bucket of ice cream. We reached out to the experts—chefs, restaurateurs, and small hospitality entrepreneurs (who also happen to be moms)—for their suggestions.

Courtney Boyd Meyers

CEO + co-founder AKUA

“As a soon-to-be NEW mom (I’m having my first child, a little girl, just a week before Mother’s Day!), I’m so excited to receive my first box of treats from Majka, a dog. founded CPG company that makes cookies, drink mixes and protein powders to support breast milk production! I will also give it to my sister-in-law who is due to give birth to my nephew in the same week as me.”

Karmel Hagen

founder of supernatural

“Mother’s Day is the best holiday for baking with kids. To clarify, this is a job for anyone who isn’t a mom, after being handed a bottle of champagne and the remote control. All she really wants today is not to have to tell you where the bowls are, so open up some closets!

Take advantage of Partake Foods’ super delicious and kid-friendly pancake mix and make mom a batch of flatbreads as high as her love for you (infinitely). This is also a good time to let the kids have some zhuzh like Supernatural’s Starfetti Sprinkles.

For your savory dish, stir a few dollops of Haven’s Kitchen Herby chimichurri into scrambled eggs and serve with buttery, toasted sourdough and a handful of fresh veggies (extra credit: throw it in something from Acid League). Then refill her glass, give her a million hugs and get out of the house.”

Rachel King

Chief Development Officer at Kaneh Co.

“The big item I would love to have is the Lēvo II Oil Infuser. I would be able to test recipes and create more cannabis, hemp and herbal infused edibles from the comfort of my own home. This machine has many uses and would be a lovely addition to my kitchen!

I would also like the Nordic Ware Nonstick Cast Aluminum Magnolia Bundt Cake Pan from Williams Sonoma. I love the lightness and deliciousness of Gugelhupfkuchen. I am one too Bridgeton and Downton Abbey fan, and this cake tin reminds me of the opulence of that era. Finally, the tool I use for everything but lose all the time is a small offset spatula. I use them for a lot of things and I always prefer a wooden handle to a plastic one.”

Adrienne Borlongan

founder of Wanderlust Dairy

“I’ll never fret when I get a bucket of fried chicken for Mother’s Day — much less when I find out it’s actually ice cream — so I’d love the ‘Not Fried Chicken’ bucket. There’s a plethora of chili chip products these days too, but I love the smoky and herbaceous undertones in Boon Sauce that make it stand out from the crowd. The shallots in it go a long way, making it a flavor bomb. It’s one of my all-time favorite dishes in the pantry.”

Laura goods

confectioner for Puffer-Malarkey Collective

“I would love to receive any flavored chocolate from Valrhona’s Inspiration collection. The flavors are unique, bright and so delicious. It’s funny because I always bake with Valrhona chocolates at work, but I want to get these chocolates as a gift for a change!

I give Meg Ray’s Miette cookbook to the other moms in my life. It was the book that inspired me to pursue baking as a career. Aimed at home cooks, Miette teaches professional techniques, perfect for anyone interested in baking.”

Pam Schwartz

Co-Founder and Managing Director ranch 45

“The Ooni Karu Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven is so much fun to cook with, extremely user friendly and easy to set up. With the gas connected, it takes about 15 minutes to heat up and less than 60 seconds to cook a pizza. It’s a fun way for the whole family to make custom pizzas with little effort. I am gluten free and am always on the lookout for good gluten free pizza crusts. I recently found out that Caputo, the Italian flour company, has a gluten free flour. It works better in bread than any other brand I’ve tried.

Last, me love Champagne, so what could be better than a champagne subscription? We Drink Bubbles was founded by a San Diego native with a passion for all things bubbles. You sign up for monthly or quarterly deliveries. There is also a bottle of champagne and two bottles of sparkling wine from all over the world.”

Manet Chauhan

TV personality, chef, author and restaurateur from Morph Hospitality Group

“What I would love this year is a spice kit from Diaspora or Spicewalla. I use spices every time I cook and I can never have too many options on hand! I also love The Chai Box – I drink tea all the time and the gift sets are always a delight.”

Mega Walker

CEO & Executive Chef of Manufactured by Meg Catering

“As a busy mom who travels a lot and has a fine palate, I’d like to have some finishing salts in my wallet. One of my favorite brands is Jacobsen Salt Co. and they have a slide can of pure flake salt that is available for the price of a daily milk buck! Flavor is everything.

Lighting a candle and relaxing is something I really appreciate and I love Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom and Honey candle.

Finally, I’m a big believer in quality wine and the break that a glass of wine offers to busy moms. One of my absolute favorite wineries is Sanford Winery in the St. Rita Hills in California. Get mom a wine club membership for the year. The Chardonnay is out of this world!”

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