It’s asparagus season, here are some ways to prepare it at home – Advice Eating

Joshua Dineen

I remember watching Great Chefs of the World. It was one of my first encounters with haute cuisine. I rushed home from work to learn about new ingredients and how they could be used to make delicious food. The chefs came from all over the world. It was exciting to see how each of them combined ingredients and cooking methods to create beautiful dishes. At the time it seemed like magic to me.

I went to the grocery store and discovered fresh produce that I had no idea how to use. Made some mistakes but it was fun! The first time I cooked asparagus I was hysterical. I bought several pounds. The first piece was badly overcooked, but then I figured out how to make it more edible. It wasn’t seasoned properly and I didn’t know how to prepare anything with it, so I ate so much plain asparagus. Eventually I figured out how to make very simple versions of the foods I saw on TV that tasted pretty good. I started recording the shows onto a small library of VHS tapes so I could revisit and figure out some of the more complex ideas.

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