Grant’s House to hold the “I’m Happy and I’m Alive” youth celebration – Advice Eating

LAFAYETTE, Indiana — Grant’s House, home of the Wabash Center’s youth services, will hold its 7th annual “I’m Happy and I’m Alive” celebration in support of the special needs children and young adults who are part of Grant’s House Family.

According to its website, Grant’s House is “designed to meet the needs of children with disabilities or special needs, to help them and their families navigate life’s transitions, to connect with valuable resources, and to learn skills that matter to them help make their dreams come true.”

Grant’s House – located at 1500 Salem Street in Lafayette – was founded in 2016 in honor of Grant House, the son of co-founder Tamara House, after Grant passed away in late 2015. Grant was born with a brain tumor and after several surgeries he had some challenges with his motor skills.

Tamara House tours Grant's House on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 in Lafayette.  Grant's House is an extension of the Wabash Center and serves as an after-school program for students with special needs.

“Grant’s House honors the life and legacy of Grant House, a remarkable young man who, despite his own disabilities, lived a life on his own terms and in the service of others,” reads the website, “and inspires a community to share his vision of a place where special needs children could thrive.”

Programs at Grant’s House serve as a safe place for children and young adults with special needs and disabilities to learn life skills, make friends and encourage others.

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