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The Serpent Rogue has various resources that can be used to craft weapons and tools, but the recipes must be discovered through random combinations.

There are a variety of weapons and tools that can be crafted The snake villain, but random combinations of resources must be used to discover recipes. Additionally, some recipes can be found in chests. Once a recipe is found, it is added to a list for the player to refer to when needed. Since players don’t start out with any weapons or tools, it’s important to discover recipes early and craft some of these items as quickly as possible.

To craft weapons and tools, The snake villain Players must interact with the smelter in the camp in the southwest corner. In the Smelter, players can forge an item from two to four materials. Some recipes call for more than one of the same stuff. All materials used for forging are lost even if the combined resources do not result in any of the given recipes. Players also lose fuel for each forge attempt, regardless of whether an item is crafted or not.


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Charcoal is required for forging weapons and tools, and can be found in various locations during adventures The snake villain. Much charcoal can also be obtained as a by-product of cooking. Forging requires a combination of one or more Logs, Textiles, Scrap Metal, Spectral Fuel, or Empty Bottles. Materials can be found in areas like the Wasteland or Swamp, but they can also be bought from the merchant.

Every forge recipe in The Serpent Rogue

The Serpent Rogue How to Craft Tools and Weapons Chop Tree
  • Axe: x1 log, x1 scrap metal – Can be used to chop wood or deal three damage
  • banisher: x1 scrap metal, x2 spectral fuel, x1 log – Deals 2 damage and 20 additional damage to Soulless
  • blood amulet: x1 Empty Flask, x3 Spectral Fuel – Increases maximum vitality by 10
  • Broom: x1 log, x2 textile – Reduces a target’s age by three
  • Claw Amulet: x1 Wood, x1 Textile, x2 Spectral Fuel – Increases melee damage by five
  • loop: x2 Textile, x1 Spectral Fuel – Removing the item from the player’s inventory causes them to move to the next treasure or secret
  • nail traps: x2 logs, x1 scrap metal – Inflicts Wounded x2 status effect and deals damage
  • Lockpick: x2 scrap metal – The recipe yields five picklocks that can be used to open chests
  • Portable Laboratory: x2 log, x1 textile, x1 scrap metal – Deployable lab that can be used anywhere to brew potions and research ingredients
  • shovel: x1 log, x2 scrap metal – Deals 3 points of damage, can be used to dig up buried treasure, and is required by Undertaker to revive followers or bury corpses
  • silver cross: x2 scrap metal, x2 spectral fuel – Has a 5% chance to negate damage
  • deer: x3 log, x1 scrap metal – Deals three points of damage and can disarm traps
  • sword: x3 scrap metal, x1 log – Deals 10 damage
  • torch: x1 log, x1 textile – Can light braziers or extinguished torches as you venture inside The snake villain. A torch also causes black thorn tendrils to recoil and can deal damage while also causing conflagration
  • Catch: x3 scrap metal – Deals five points of damage and temporarily immobilizes a target
  • virtue ring: x1 scrap metal, x3 spectral fuel – Protects the wearer from the soulless status effect

After a weapon or tool is crafted, some of its properties can be changed through upgrades, which is also done in the Smelter. However, instead of charcoal, the upgrade requires spectral fuel. The enhancement can add or remove effects, change effectiveness, or set the condition with which the object interacts. After crafting a weapon or tool in The snake villainPlayers can use the upgrade to change the stats and perks of their items.

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The snake villain is available for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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