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Exciting things are cooking up for the spring and summer season at Ah Haa School for the Arts.

From the end of April, children’s courses and youth programs as well as some free programs will be included. In early May, Ah Haa hosts courses in Spanish for both children and adults, such as B. “Alfarería artesanal: Exprimidores de cítricos”, a ceramics course where participants can make their own citrus presses out of clay.

“We have bilingual teachers and that is available to everyone. But this group of courses, starting in May, really caters to our larger community,” said Malarie Clark, director of marketing and communications.

Open since August 2021 in the Silver Jack Building, the school could include a general purpose pottery studio and fully equipped chef’s kitchen, among other amenities and additions. Clark explained that since the school has been in the new building, the culinary programs and offerings have “just really taken off” over the past year.

As of May 1st, the Visual Arts Open Studio will be available to the public. The space accommodates five 100 square meter areas with tools and equipment of the artist’s choice. Sessions fall during the off-season with the spring session from May 1-28 and the fall session from October 23-November 19. Each session costs $375.

“We saw a need in our community that our artists, even hobbyists – not just professional artists – need this space to create. So a lot of thought went into making this facility work,” Clark said.

For the younger artists in Grades 7-12 who would like a little more guidance, the Independent Studio for Emerging Artists Spring Session will be held May 4-25, Monday-Friday, 3:30-5:30 p.m. While the four-week course is mostly self-contained, students have access to an Ah Haa teacher every Wednesday. The school provides students with basic materials such as paper, clay, etc.

There is a Ceramic Open Studio, but Clark said the waiting list is quite long. The new ceramics studio is extremely advanced.

“It features state-of-the-art equipment including 12 potter’s wheels, a slab roller, a glaze kitchen and three electric kilns. Our large classroom has ample space for teacher demonstrations and up to ten students to work comfortably. Put simply, it was designed with our students and teachers in mind and has enabled Ah Haa to expand the program in new and exciting ways,” said Tara Carter, ceramics program director.

For more information on the three studio programs, visit and click on Open Studios under the Programs and Events tab.

This summer the school has a packed schedule of programs and events to fill the calendar. One of the most exciting programs are the Ceramics Master Workshops. Ah Haa School will invite renowned artists from across the country to teach for this class.

“There is such a large community in Telluride of people who are hobbyists and semi-professional ceramists. It’s really exciting to serve this community and attract really exciting guest artists to these people,” Clark said.

Carter echoed Clark’s excitement about the master workshops.

“Our local potters and sculptors have the opportunity to learn right here in Box Canyon and interact with leading ceramic artists in the field,” Carter added.

Outside of the master workshops, there are adult classes for all abilities and interests this summer. Classes include local instructors like Kathy Green and her Basic Shibori Silk Dying, and a class with Emily Scott Robinson and Hayley Nenadal called ‘Turn Your Hobby Into a Craft!’.

Youth courses start with prints from April 25th and pattern (K-2nd) and Chef’s Kitchen (7th-12th) followed by a busy program week.

In addition to regular programs, Ah Haa offers 60 youth summer courses over ten weeks with five-day youth (ages 5-6, 7-9, 10-13) and youth (ages 15-18) camps operating June 6 through June 12 Aug.

“Summer is incredibly close. We are very excited to settle into our new space with our purpose built classrooms and close proximity to the surrounding beauty of Telluride. It is inspiring to think of all the creations that will come about in a form that will speak to the vibrant voices of our youth and teen participants,” said Hannah Kiermayr, director of youth and teen programs at the school.

Also, this summer, Ah Haa School has music and happy hour events in the works for its rooftop space, which was previously only used for private events. Ah Haa’s big summer fundraiser runs July 15-17, and Clark encouraged everyone to “stay tuned in because it’s going to be absolutely amazing!”

Visit for more information, a complete listing of adult, teen and youth programs, as well as upcoming events and news.

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