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According to American Express’ Trendex report, Indians want to make an impact on the planet by prioritizing spending on sustainable products and contributing to local businesses. 87% of Indian respondents always or often buy sustainable products and 97% are interested in spending money on items that have a positive impact on local businesses and communities, the highest among all other countries surveyed.

High spending on low-carbon work
The survey further shows that 98% of Indian respondents would like to spend money on items that help build low-carbon communities around the world. 97% think all products should be eco-friendly, while 96% consider the impact on the planet when making purchasing decisions.

Encouragingly, 92% of Indian adults surveyed are willing to pay a premium for sustainable products, with growing awareness of the benefits of sustainable products. For 43% of Indian adults surveyed, increased product availability and a better understanding of product benefits are the top motivators for purchasing sustainable products in the future, while for 37% it is a cheaper price.

What we want

Giving something back to the environment – 98% of Indians surveyed would like companies to make it easier for them to reduce their carbon footprint, while 97% of Indians surveyed will be more loyal to a company/brand that is committed to environmental issues.

Preference for sustainable products -92% of Indian adults surveyed are willing to pay a premium for sustainable products and 94% of Indian adults who would pay a premium say they would pay at least 10% more for sustainable products, while 29% are willing are paying 50% more for sustainable products and 23% of them even more than 50%.

In terms of categories, one of the goals of 96% of Indian respondents in 2022 is to make more sustainable choices when buying clothes, tech, food and travel, and 86% of them have already started shopping at Second -Purchase hand or consignment dealers instead of buying new items to reduce environmental impact. When deciding where to eat, more than half (55%) of Indian respondents consider the number of plant-based options available at a restaurant.

Support for sustainable products
– About 97% of Indian respondents would like to buy more from a company that is taking action to reduce the impact of climate change and are more likely to trust brands that are committed to environmental issues.

Awareness of sustainable issues – Indian adults surveyed have increased their focus on a variety of sustainability issues over the past year, with air pollution (96%) and recycling, renewable energy and climate action (95%) attracting the most interest.

GenZ/Millennials are more sustainable – 57% of GenZ/Millennials surveyed are more likely to plan to buy sustainable products this year to reduce their environmental impact. 72% of GenZ/Millennials Indians surveyed are more likely to talk to their children about environmental issues.

American Express Trendex is a trend index that captures how consumers, small businesses, and merchants feel about spending, saving, travel, and more. Data is sourced monthly in the United States and bi-annually worldwide, including the UK, Australia, Japan, Mexico, India and Canada. This study has a total sample of 7,996 global adults.

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