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The best young home cooks, aged eight to 13, have been cast for Season 8 of MasterChef Junior on Fox. Once again, Gordon Ramsay leads the jury and is supported by renowned chefs Aaron Sanchez and Emmy-winning talk show host Daphne Oz. The MasterChef Junior winner will win the coveted trophy and $100,000. You’ll also take home a brand new Viking kitchen, amazing kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils, bakeware and a trip to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

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Read our MasterChef Junior up-to-the-minute recap of Season 8 Episode 8 entitled Junior Edition: Jalapeño Business below to find out what happened on Thursday, May 5 at 8:00pm ET/PT. Then make sure to talk about your favorite young chefs on Fox’s reality TV show in the comments section and who you think has what it takes to win the entire competition.

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8:00 pm — Previously on MasterChef Junior! The top 10 made their way to a motocross track, where they split up into teams and cooked for 51 hungry racers. At the end of 10 years Starla was told to give up her apron and go home. Now nine candidates are fighting for the title “MasterChef Junior”!

8:05 p.m — Tonight it’s time to turn up the heat for a spicy team challenge. Cooking testers are divided up and tasked with making as many perfect jalapeño poppers as possible. First, Aaron shows them all how to make these fried treats. Next, the young chefs take off aprons to determine three teams of three: Green team is Ciara, Eve and Liya. Red team is A’Dan, Cruz and Molly. Yellow team is Abir, Grayson and ivy. The winning team is certain and the two losing teams face elimination.

8:10 p.m — Teams have only 15 minutes to create as many poppers as possible. Grayson is upset at how slowly Abir pours poppers into the fryer. Over on the Red Team, A’Dan continues to question everything Molly does. Meanwhile, they haven’t fried a single popper. A’Dan constantly butts heads with teammates no matter what team he’s on.

8:25 p.m — Daphne challenges A’Dan to be a team player after hearing him keep yelling at Molly. She also instructs them to get someone on the fryer because they’re wasting time. On the Green Team, Liya struggles with breading the poppers, so she asks Eva to take over her station. Red Team seems to be falling behind and A’Dan is getting more and more frustrated. Being on a team just isn’t his thing. At the end of the challenge, Cruz is so disgusted with A’Dan that he refuses to give him a high five. Oops! Daphne calls out the Red Team for talking about each other, especially A’Dan. It was a lot of “bad talk” and she was disappointed in it. The yellow team won this challenge with 19 good poppers. This means that Abir, Grayson and Ivy are safe and will move into the top 8!

8:30 p.m — Tonight’s elimination challenge is another dreaded mystery box. They raise their boxes to reveal a live crab. Before they start cooking, Gordon teaches them all how to carve up a crab. Most freak out, but Cruz is completely unimpressed. Ciara is particularly disgusted with this crab, but she’s determined to show those judges that she’s here to win. She later tells Gordon that she’s not even interested in trying her own dish tonight. That concerns Gordon. Participants have 60 minutes to serve up a delicious crab dish. Let’s go!

8:45 p.m — Every young chef starts with serving and the challenge comes to an end. Each dish will be tasted tonight before the jury decides who goes home. Ciara first serves a black bean crab cake with corn puree and jicama slaw. Gordon Calls is visually “unfinished”. Unfortunately, it’s also bland. Daphne says the dish doesn’t add up. Aaron says the construction is fine, it just needs “polishing.” Next is A’Dan with crab cakes with andouille saccotash, fried okra and Cajun tartar sauce. Aaron is disappointed that A’Dan tried to smuggle an issue past them and he “called” it. Gordon says it doesn’t look as good as it sounds. Daphne says the succotash is delicious. Aaron says he was lucky with such great taste because the presentation was terrible.

8:50 p.m — Liya presents crabmeat dumplings with soy broth and braised radish. Gordon says it sounds amazing but it should be in a bowl, not on a plate. Daphne says the broth is “incredibly delicious”. Gordon says the dumplings are “just right.” Next comes Cruz with crab tagliatelle with white wine cream sauce. Daphne says the sauce is delicious, but she’d like more lumps of crab meat. Aaron says it’s “spectacular.” Gordon took out some noodles so the crab would be the star. Next, Eva serves a Vietnamese crab omelette with crab noodles and roasted peanuts. Daphne complements the color and texture. Gordon says it looks “restaurant quality.” Daphne loves the omelet, but the noodles are too short. Aaron wants more of everything to make it stronger. Gordon calls it “delicious” and says she’s “on track.”

8:55 p.m — Molly presents her Crab Cake Benedict with prosciutto frisee salad and hollandaise sauce. Aaron says it looks like a challenging dish. Gordon says she didn’t look calm while cooking today. He also thinks their food doesn’t look very good. Luckily her egg is perfectly poached and the flavor is solid. Daphne says it’s more like a tuna salad than a crab cake. Gordon says it “doesn’t taste that good” and that it’s her worst dish yet.

8:59 p.m — The jurors discuss all eight dishes and decide who gets to go home. First they want to congratulate the top three of tonight: Eva, Liya and Cruz. All of them are safe. A’Dan, Ciara and Molly have landed at the bottom. The person leaving the MasterChef kitchen tonight is Ciara. The 11-year-old from Bakersfield, California will keep her dream alive of opening her own bakery and teaching cooking classes to children with disabilities.

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