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Buying a last-minute Mother’s Day gift can be a risky proposition, and when you rely on online purchases you can be at the mercy of shipping times. But just because Mother’s Day is just days away doesn’t mean you have to worry about finding the perfect gift. There are many apps and websites that offer thoughtful digital gifts or physical items with fast shipping.

We’ve compiled a list of the 8 best places to shop for thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts online. Whether you’re looking for something unique, a bouquet of flowers, or something local, these apps and websites are sure to help.

1-800 flowers

When you’re short of ideas, flowers always make an excellent Mother’s Day gift. While you can pick up a bouquet from a local florist or grocery store, 1-800 Flowers offers same-day delivery on their products. It’s not just limited to flowers, 1-800 Flowers offers edible gift baskets, spa bundles and chocolates. However, products eligible for same-day delivery vary by location. Therefore, use the location tool before deciding on a gift.


class pass

If your mom loves going to the gym but is having trouble finding workout classes that fit her schedule, Classpass is a flexible way to access local fitness classes. Instead of signing up for a strict routine, you buy credits that can be applied to any course you want. It is an ideal choice for moms who struggle to find flexibility in their lives. Of course, the process is entirely digital, once you’ve made your purchase your mom will receive the credits instantly via email.

Airbnb Experiences

Buying a trip as a gift for Mother’s Day is a risky option. It’s easy to accidentally pick a time that doesn’t work or a place she’s not interested in going. Airbnb Experiences offers a range of virtual tours, itineraries, cooking classes, art classes and more. Every experience is live and you can even book private sessions. All hosted by knowledgeable locals, they serve as a great starting point for a real trip.


While a streaming service subscription is a good gift, Gaia offers a unique alternative to Netflix or Hulu. It offers informative films, documentaries, meditation and yoga classes. Gaia is a perfect gift for your mom when she’s struggling to find something of value on her existing streaming service.

The Sato Project

Flowers or chocolates make great gifts, but what if your mom doesn’t like physical gifts? The Sato Project is a Puerto Rico-based foster dog program that uses your donation to ensure rescue dogs have a comfortable life pending their adoption. After you donate, your mother will receive a postcard featuring her foster dog and will be kept informed of her adoptee’s well-being until her adorable pooch is adopted.


Shipping alcohol can be tricky, especially if your mom lives out of state. Drizly is a perfect way to ship a bottle of wine for Mother’s Day as it takes away all the hassle of buying and shipping alcohol. They offer fast shipping (2-4 days for many products and same day for select locations) and a wide variety of products.


If you prefer to buy gifts locally but don’t know where to start, Locally can help. It organizes and lists products from local stores on its website so you can browse the stores from the comfort of your own home. It’s a great time saver as you can not only check availability but also order specific products online for in-store pickup.

Take your time to choose the perfect gift

Purchasing a last-minute Mother’s Day gift from one of these companies should give you enough choices to ease any fear of last-minute shopping. Of course, you can send many Mother’s Day gifts quickly with an Amazon Prime subscription, but you can miss out on many unique gifts this way. And while you’re at it, call your mom and send a sweet text message.

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