Guy Fieri’s chicken dude! Meet and Greet attracts hundreds of fans – Advice Eating

In the early evening of May 4th, a large line of more than 500 loyal fans began at Chicken Guy waiting to be photographed with Food Network TV star and fun-loving restaurateur Guy Fieri! Nashville’s brick building on 2nd Ave. N. 139 and along Commerce St.

When asked why he stopped by his popular chicken tender on what appears to be a regular Wednesday night, Fieri joked, “Well, I’m coming to get chicken. I know that’s why everyone came here.” Fieri’s light-hearted remark, known for his quick humor, was met with laughter and cheers from the crowd.

In fact, the Mayor of Flavortown is back in Music City to film episodes for his long-running show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, in which he explores local Greasy Spoon restaurants across the United States in addition to meet-ups his team and is focused on driving important efforts for the Guy Fieri Foundation.

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