How is the family? Busy is the one word answer – Advice Eating

If you ask a parent of a school-age child what their weekends or evenings are like during the school year, you’ll likely get a similar response: “Busy.”

Part of modern parenthood often means serving as a part-time professional chauffeur to soccer practice or piano lessons, scout meetings or baseball games. It means making sure the uniforms are clean and the bags ready — or searching for the missing cleat or mitt until it’s found.

It can mean listening to your child practicing their very out of tune trumpet from a nearby room, trying to drown out the sound while supporting at the same time. It means countless mornings at cross-country track meetings or nights in the stands at baseball games.

It can mean eating in the car, rushing from one game or training session to the next. And when you have multiple children, sometimes the schedule requires the skills of a master organizer to keep on top of things.

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