Flush with Mush promotes the health and environmental benefits of mushrooms – Advice Eating

Both mushrooms and locally grown ingredients are enjoying a surge in popularity, growers say. Therefore, it is not surprising that local mushroom growers are increasing their production by growing mushrooms indoors.

“We have noticed an increasing interest in mushrooms from a culinary and even fashion point of view. Plant-based, local and nutritional options are becoming increasingly popular,” said Charles “Chip” Foote, founder of Flush with Mush in East Milwaukee.

That’s flush, like a mushroom harvest or a state of plentiful supply, Foote said.

Flush with Mush isn’t the only local operation dedicated to indoor mushroom growing. Crops on Top, a Riverwest urban farm that sells fresh produce to chefs and consumers, has been experimenting with indoor mushroom cultivation and plans to add more mushrooms to future production, according to Joel Lichosik, who owns the farm with his wife Jamie.

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