Amid Some Ecological Victories, Climate Change Burns On – People’s World – Advice Eating

Wildfires rage as far away as Michigan. | AP The months of April and May have produced some incremental but significant environmental gains, but these must be tempered by the fact that climate change – and the man-made destruction that aggravates it – continues to ravage the planet. While the US has only just taken … Read more

Doug Ford’s grim assessment of the environment and climate change – Advice Eating

With increasingly gloomy predictions from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Ontario residents will want to reflect on decisions related to the environment and climate change when they vote on June 2nd. The key features of Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford’s environmental performance are well known: dismantling the previous administration’s climate change strategy; a battle … Read more

EU may suspend environmental protection for renewable energy – Advice Eating

STRASBOURG, FRANCE – NOVEMBER 27: President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen (L) and … [+] EU Commissioner for the European Green Deal – First Vice-President and Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans (R) listen during a session of the European Parliament November 27, 2019 in Strasbourg, France. The EU Commission was established by the … Read more

Forest fires in Russia: will the war in Ukraine limit firefighting? | Environment | All topics from climate change to nature conservation | DW – Advice Eating

Fires have erupted across Russia’s vast forests and steppes in recent weeks, with blazes flaring up in several regions of southwestern Siberia. Several villages have already been devastated by the flames and local authorities have reported at least 10 deaths in recent days. The Siberian Time, an English-language newspaper covering the area, has been posting … Read more

Which energy and environmental protection laws have been passed by the state legislature? – Advice Eating

The Hawaii state legislature passed several environmental and energy laws to address climate change. Image courtesy of Maui Digital Images. With the adjournment of the 2022 legislature, the Hawaii State Legislature passed 12 environmental and energy bills that collectively address climate change. The passed bills promote energy efficiency, economy-wide decarbonization, a continued push to accelerate … Read more

Rich countries have to pay for the environmental damage they cause – Advice Eating

There is a historic obligation for higher-income countries to transfer some of their vast and ill-gotten wealth to lower-income countries to compensate them for the harm they have done to the environment, he writes Graham Lawton People | columnist April 20, 2022 Of Graham Lawton B5HKJ9 The United Glass Limited Glass Works at Alloa, Clackmannanshire, … Read more

German Overshoot Day: “It can’t go on like this” | Environment | All topics from climate change to nature conservation | DW – Advice Eating

It’s only the beginning of May, but it’s already Germany’s Overshoot Day. In other words, the country has consumed as much of nature per person in just over four months as the planet can replenish in a year. If people around the world lived like they do in Germany, we would need three planets to … Read more

If we sacrifice for COVID, we should sacrifice for the climate, environmental scientists say – Advice Eating

Experts say we should fly less and drive less in a climate catastrophe Many Nova Scotians still drive large vehicles despite warnings that they are heavy polluters and contribute to climate change. Ryan Bellefontaine Nova Scotians have made many sacrifices to the COVID-19 pandemic, but environmental experts say now is the time to make sacrifices … Read more

Has Biden abandoned the environment? – Advice Eating

Back in 2020, candidate Joe Biden vowed to be that greenest president in the history of the United States. This was not a nod to his political coming of age — the soon-to-be octogenarian was around the block — but a reference to Biden’s super-ambitious climate agenda. Fast forward 15 months and Biden, facing an … Read more